Yosemite Peak

Yosemite Peak

Upper Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Peak & Spire

Watercolor & Ink on paper 9×7″ Private Collection.

I was sitting in Yosemite on a Sunday afternoon, and it came time to call my mom, as I do on Sundays at 2:30. This is what I was looking at when I stupidly said “Mom, if you ever get the chance, you should come here.

I instantly regretted saying that, as she is 81 years old, and in just fine health, thank you very much, should you ask her, but we all know better. She deferred gracefully, and with a sense of  resignation and mortality, showed me that wishes have an expiration date.

We hung up, she was happy that I was happy, and I was left with a wish that would never come to fruition, unless I brought Yosemite to her. So here is a glimpse of what I was experiencing while talking to my mother, and attempting to send my joy her way.


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